1. 40 years [acts 7:30]

    "and when forty years had passed, an angel of the Lord appeared to him [moses] in a flame of fire in a bush, in the wilderness of mount sinai. when moses saw it, he m a r v e l e d at the sight, and as he drew near to observe, the voice of the Lord came to him." - acts 7:30


    moses waited 40 years to hear the voice of God — and we may ask moses: "how were you so brave to go before the egyptians? what was it like to hear God speak in that flame?" and he may reply: "I wonder what it’s like to be able to hear His voice inside your soul rather than having to climb a mountain to get a glimpse of Him in the fire. what is it like to have the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead living inside you?

    we are constantly filled with wonder at all these miraculous stories of the Presence of God manifesting in His people’s lives, and we wonder why is it not like this right now?

    it is time that the children of God realizes that we are the church. living this life goes beyond tradition and routines. this is a daily life that can be SO much more, if we choose. Radical christianity should be normal christianity!

    friends, WE have access to the power of God — because He dwells in us! He has given us authority! People of God, we do not have to wait 40 years for Him — what a privilege to have the Spirit INSIDE us! Claim this authority, open your heart to the baptism of the Holy Spirit. that sin you might be living in, yeah, it can be powerfully overcome by His love, just surrender to Him, and keep surrendering, daily. let Him invade your heart. keep choosing life, friends, because the OT says, God with us, but the NT says that it’s more than that, it’s God IN us



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  8. the fault in our world.

    I was working at camp this week, and a few of the girls were talking to me about their summer book list. one of the girls was wearing a shirt based on the book & new movie “The Fault in our Stars”. I began to ask her about the book, out of curiosity. She began to give me a bit of a summary and my curiosity grew. Today, I was at a bookstore, stumbled across the book (although I couldn’t really ‘stumble across’ it, since the little book decorated the whole front of the store).

    I studied the back of the book for a few minutes, contemplating it and then bought it, out of curiosity. When I got home, I started to read the book, and I was very surprised. Not even the second page into this popular novel, it began to become really disrespectful towards Jesus. I was really offended by this and questioning why I even bought it.

    the author, John Green, does claim to be Christian, (although much of his philosophy I do not agree with) [http://johngreenbooks.com/faith-and-science/] and this hurts my heart. if we claim to be a Christian, why would we dishonor Him with our words? especially when our writing reaches to so many people — more importantly, the young people. Of course it is the author’s free will to write what he wishes, but I would say that it is dangerous for the Christian readers to be reading books that take Christ’s name in vain, and wholly disrespect Him.

    this is the fault in our world — that the people who claim to be Christians are not even really separate from the world. How is anyone who is lost going to be able to see the difference between the worldly and the Godly? We just do things/buy things because it’s popular, or in style, or hip. and I am so guilty of this. those who call ourselves Christians need to be filling our minds with lovely and praiseworthy thoughts, not filling our minds with words that are dishonorable and disrespectful. it’s time to claim the identity that is set apart; an identity that will cause the lost to point out that our souls have been born again and remade.


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